dave-edneyIt is with profound sadness that we say goodbye to Dave Edney who passed in February, 2016, suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. He was the picture of health and participated regularly in ultra-endurance events. Almost everyone who came into contact with the Arnold Rim Trail Association over the the eight years prior to his passing knows “Captain Dave”. He led our volunteer trail building days for those years in collaboration with Jeff Hilson from Forest Service, he founded and led the Cougar Rock sunset hikes, he was a steering committee member, and he was the Captain of the Ebbetts Pass Aid Station for the Death Ride which ARTA has been staffing each year since 2013. Everyone loved Dave for his energy, his indefatigable spirit, his work ethic, and his infectious smile. We miss him dearly and as we hike, bike, ride, and run the Trail we often say out loud to each other how much this or that reminds us of something Dave would have said or done. He is with us in spirit, and the Arnold Rim Trail and the Arnold Rim Trail Association would not be what it is today without Captain Dave’s profound contribution.