trailmarkerHow does the Arnold Rim Trail affect local homeowners?

  • Public access parking areas and trailheads are being improved and the public is encouraged to use those, not access from neighborhoods.
  • Communities neighboring the ART have been asked to develop their policies and signage requirements for trail access from their neighborhood in coordination with ARTA and the Forest Service.

How do trails affect property values?

  • A study of the impacts of greenbelts on property value for one neighborhood was approximately $5.4 million greater than if there had been no greenbelt. This results in approximately $500,000 additional potential property tax revenue annually. (Correll, Lillydahl, and Singell, 1978).
  • From 1980 to 1990, those who said they would pay extra for greenbelts and parks in their neighborhood rose from 16 percent to 48 percent (Rocky Mountain Research Institute, 1991).
  • In two 1995 surveys by American LIVES, Inc and InterCommunications Inc, homebuyers indicated that natural open space and walking and biking paths were among the top four most important features in a residential neighborhood (Warrick and Alexander, 1997).

Where is it in the process?

  • Identified in USFS Interface Trails Plan- Nearly half of trail NEPA-ready!
  • NPS RCTA Adopted Project
  • Stakeholder process beginning to develop maps, actual proposed route

Are dogs allowed on the trail?

Dogs on the ART are under the same Calaveras County Statute as anywhere else in the County. Dogs are to be on a leash, or under the immediate voice command of owner. We would emphasize that voice command means voice command! You know your dog, and if he or she is inclined to chase bicycles or horses in spite of your voice commands, or continue to jump on other dogs that are on leashes in spite of your voice commands, we humbly ask that you leash your pup. We celebrate the fact that we have equestrians, cyclists and hikers sharing the trail harmoniously. Thanks for your understanding.

What are some community benefits from the ART?

  • Access to trails makes us more fit and leads to healthier lives
  • Increases property values
  • Helps us develop our “sense of place”
  • Enhances local business climate

How can I help?

Make a donation, attend a trail work day, visit our tent at one of the many community events throughout the year, or purchase some beautiful ART products (see more details below).

Are you interested in purchasing ART swag?  We have mugs, shirts, stickers, buffs and more!  If you’re unable to visit our ART tent at a local event, you can also email us at with your requested items, including your size for any shirts.  We’ll then send you a custom link to provide payment, and get those items mailed out to you!