Current access points to the Arnold Rim Trail are from the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum, Valley View Road, and Avery Sheep Ranch Road.


The northern terminus of the Arnold Rim Trail is at the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum in the community of White Pines. From the museum’s parking lot, look for the start of the trail across the adjacent gravel road. The first mile is paved and gently graded for wheelchair accessibility.

* Directions: From eastbound Highway 4 in Arnold, veer left onto Blagen Road just past the Chevron gas station. Follow Blagen Road for approximately one mile through the community of White Pines. Turn left on Dunbar Road, following signs for Hazel Fisher School and Logging Museum. Just past White Pines Lake, turn right at the giant pencil that marks the Logging Museum entrance. Please respect the signs demarcating parking spaces reserved for the Museum.

* Special Note for Equestrians: The paved portion and roughly the next mile (which includes an easement across private property) are closed to horses. Instead, follow the “Equestrian Bypass” that will connect with the main trunk of the Arnold Rim Trail after crossing San Antonio Creek. To get to the start of the Bypass, turn right on Forest Road 5N56 just past the Logging Museum. At the first road intersection, turn left to stay on Forest Road 5N56. Stay on 5N56 for approximately another mile. After keeping right at the next junction (with a private road), look for a small turnout on the left and an Arnold Rim Trail signpost. This turnout is not conducive to most horse-trailer parking. The easiest parking for trailers is near the Courtright-Emerson Ball Field on the north end of White Pines Lake. However, no signed route currently exists to direct you from the Ball Field to the Bypass. You will need to navigate your own way to the Logging Museum and then follow the above directions along the forest road to the start of the Bypass. Refer to the trail map for a visual aid.


NOTE: Please respect the 25 mph speed limit when driving through residential areas

The access off this road provides the shortest route to destinations like Cougar Rock and Top of the World. The dirt portion of Valley View Road can be slick with mud after rains or snows. Beyond the first half-mile of dirt on the northern stretch, this county road also has a tendency to become deeply rutted and nearly impassable to low clearance vehicles.

* Directions: From eastbound Highway 4 in Arnold, turn left on Lakemont Drive. Veer left at the first junction onto Valley View Drive. Follow Valley View Drive for one mile through the residential area (please respect the 25 mph speed limit). Once the road turns to dirt, follow for another 0.5 mile. The parking area will be on your right and is currently noted with a non-descript parking symbol on a bulletin board. The “P9” access trail that joins to the Arnold Rim Trail is in the southwest portion of this large turnout.


In Avery, from Eastbound Highway 4, turn left onto Avery Sheep Ranch road. Trail head is approximately 1.5 miles on your right.