Matching Fund Drive – Mission Accomplished!

The Arnold Rim Trail Association is overflowing with gratitude to the entire community for stepping up and donating $10,000 to match the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance grant that we received to rebuild 16 miles of the Arnold Rim Trail. The goal was achieved in just a month’s time.

We deeply appreciate your support! Donations are still welcomed for the many trail enhancements and improvement projects that we want to undertake as soon as we can.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Arnold Rim Trail Association will help us put miles on the ground and smiles on trail users! Click the DONATE button below to be directed to our PayPal site (administered by FoCuS) where you can make your donation using any credit card or your PayPal account. The Arnold Rim Trail Association is under the umbrella of Foothill Collaborative for Sustainability (FoCuS), a 501 c3 non-profit organization dedicated to community education about sustainability and community well-being.

You may also donate by mailing a check made to “Foothill Collaborative for Sustainability”. Please write “Arnold Rim Trail Association” in the memo line:

Arnold Rim Trail Association
P.O. Box 441
Arnold, CA 95223-0441