If you find an issue on the Arnold Rim Trail, any of the Forest Service Roads, or other connecting side trails, please send us an email at info@arnoldrimtrail.org. We can place the problem on our list of needed fixes and get it actioned as soon as possible. Depending on weather conditions and the season, there may sometimes be a lag between reporting and the resolution.  We do our best to action all trail issues in a timely manner – thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Arnold Rim Trail Association has an active docent program. Docents log more than a thousand hours of trail patrol per year and provide invaluable feedback to ARTA and the Forest Service. When a docent completes a patrol (hike, bike or by horse), they file a report which includes updates about trail conditions. This information is then used to guide trail maintenance days, Forest Service improvements and approved modifications by our team of dedicated volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about maintaining our trails, please consider joining us for a trail work day!  We would be happy to provide more information on how you can help ARTA achieve its mission.