1. Please respect private property rights of any adjacent homes near the trail so that the ART remains a “good neighbor trail”
  2. Please no smoking or campfires- we live in a high fire hazard area.
  3. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.
  4. Trail Etiquette: yield = slow down, be prepared to stop, establish communication, pass safely. Between cyclist and hiker, “establish communication” may involve just a wave and a nod, but between cyclist/hiker and equestrian, communication should always involve voice communication because horses identify other trail users by voice, not appearance. Please Do Not Ride (mtn bikes/horses) after heavy rains or when soil is saturated! If you are leaving deep tracks on the trail, it is too wet to ride. 
  5. For mountain bikers, IMBA’s Ride Vibes provides great information on how to interact with other trail users.  Many of the ART trails are “single track”, so knowing when and how to give way to other users is really important in keeping everyone safe and happy on the trails!

Trail Courtesy

Are dogs allowed on the trail?

Dogs on the ART are under the same Calaveras County Statute as anywhere else in the County. Dogs are to be on a leash, or under the immediate voice command of owner. We would emphasize that voice command means voice command! You know your dog, and if he or she is inclined to chase bicycles or horses in spite of your voice commands, or continue to jump on others dogs that are leashed in spite of your voice commands, we humbly ask that you leash your pup. We celebrate the fact that we have equestrians, cyclists and hikers sharing the trail harmoniously. Thanks for your understanding.

Please visit our FAQ page for additional information.