The current Arnold Rim Trail includes a section of Forest Service Road 4N40 from near Cowell Creek to near Valley View Drive. Our goal has always been to replace Forest Service “double track” roads with “single track” trails, so that ultimately the entire Arnold Rim Trail would be single track. Over the past decade we have moved steadily towards that goal. “Single track” means a single path in the woods, “double track” means service roads and other wide bed paths. The 4N40 section is the only remaining part of the Arnold Rim Trail that uses a named Forest Service maintenance road. The Arnold Rim Trail Association is currently scouting and flagging four new proposed sections of trail. Two of these proposed new sections would be single track trails, one on either side of 4N40, that would bypass the 4N40 service road altogether. (The other two sections are side trails off the Arnold Rim Trail proper. More about them in future tidbits.) ARTA will provide Forest Service with .gpx files of the possible new trail, along with flagging of these proposed routes, so that FS may conduct field analysis to ensure the trails comply with Forest Service standards and can be built in a sustainable way for future generations of equestrians, cyclists, hikers, and runners to enjoy.

Will keep you updated as we get more information.